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When you are charged with drunk driving or a DUI, it’s time to find a Flint DUI Attorney who is going to work hard for you. If convicted of a DUI you could face a suspension of your drivers’ license. In some cases, a restricted license for work or school is possible. Attorney Bigger can help make sure that your ability to drive is not taken away.

Scott Bigger Can Fight Your DUI

Driving under the influence can be a difficult charge to prove. If you were cooperative with the officer that stopped you and passed sobriety tests, it may be hard to make your charges stick. While a breathalyzer test indicates your BAC, this is not always the most accurate test. Even if you refused sobriety testing, you can still defend your DUI.

The laws for driving while under the influence provide for tougher penalties for subsequent charges. Even if you are on your first DUI, fighting the charge is always in your best interest. In the event you are charged a second time, the repercussions can be much harsher. It is never going to benefit you to plead guilty to a DUI, even if you believe the evidence against you is solid.

Subsequent DUI Convictions Are Serious

If you already have two convictions on your record for drunk driving and are facing a third, you will face incarceration if you are found guilty of the third charge. You must work with an attorney who has been successful defending DUI cases. Attorney Bigger has been successful in hundreds of DUI cases, and is always ready to work with new clients who are facing similar charges.

Contact Bigger Law, PLC Today

When you are dealing with a DUI, it’s time to contact Attorney Bigger and meet for a free initial consultation. You will discuss the merits of your case and the possible outcomes. Attorney Bigger is experienced with DUI cases and has successfully defended hundreds. If you are facing serious consequences because of a DUI, it’s time to work with Attorney Bigger. Help is only a phone call away.

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