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A drug offense charge can be serious. If you have been charged with cocaine, heroin, or marijuana possession and you are worried about the possible consequences, Attorney Bigger can help. Even a first charge can result in big penalties. If you are a first time offender, it’s important to try to fight your charges with an experienced Flint Drug Offense Attorney.

Scott Bigger is going to work hard for you. If the evidence against you isn’t strong, Attorney Bigger will be able to point this out to you. When you aren’t sure if the case against you has merit, it’s time to talk with Attorney Bigger for a free initial consultation. Together you will look at the charges against you and determine how your case can be defended.

Penalties are Harsh for Repeat Drug Offenses

If you are looking at a second or third drug conviction, the penalties against you can be severe if you are found guilty. Subsequent drug offenses require hiring an attorney who has worked on drug cases and been successful at representing clients accused of cocaine, heroin and marijuana charges.

When you are looking at drug offense charges, experience matters. Attorney Bigger has worked on many drug offense cases, helping defendants get the justice they deserve. No matter how complicated your case may be, Attorney Bigger has the skills necessary to help you fight your drug offense charge.

Your future is important. If your freedom is at risk because of the seriousness of your drug charges, it’s time to find a Flint Drug Offense Attorney who has been successful defending hundreds of cases in court. Even if the charges don’t seem very big, it is necessary to take any drug charges against you seriously.

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Meet with Attorney Bigger today to talk about the drug offense charges you are facing. When you want experienced criminal defense in Gennese County, Attorney Scott Bigger is the answer.

Get the representation you deserve at this difficult time in your life. With a commitment to providing high-quality representation to each client he works with, Attorney Bigger will help you navigate the difficult charges you have to face in court. You don’t have to face drug offense charges on your own. Attorney Bigger is there to give you the support you need.

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