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Scott Bigger knows that it is stressful to be charged with a crime, and he is in frequent contact with clients to provide information every step of the way. As a Flint Criminal Defense Attorney, Bigger has worked on many high-profile cases involving sex crimes, weapons charges and assault. He has a superior writing ability that was first recognized in law school and uses this writing ability to defend each criminal case vigorously.

Criminal Defense in Mid Michigan is a focus of Attorney Scott Bigger. He first began as a volunteer in Detroit at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. He understands the intricacies of criminal defense law both at the State and Federal Level.

Always Work with a Qualified Criminal Attorney

Criminal charges range in severity, but it is always vital to have an attorney who is going to treat your case with the seriousness it deserves. Each case matters to Attorney Bigger, and you will be kept informed about your case any time there are updates.

Attorney Bigger believes strongly in protecting the constitutional rights of every client that he serves, and he works tirelessly for his criminal defendants to make sure that these rights are not violated.

Scott Bigger is a Flint Criminal Defense Attorney who is going to give your case the attention it needs for you to get the justice you deserve. If you are charged with a sex crime, weapons charges, or an assault, it’s time to meet with Attorney Bigger.

The details of your case will directly impact the outcome. When you meet with Attorney Bigger for a free initial consultation, you will discuss what happened to lead to your charges. It is important for you to provide every detail you can remember so that Attorney Bigger can carefully assess your case.

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When you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Flint, Michigan, Attorney Bigger can get the job done. With his commitment to providing each client he works with high-quality representation and experience with high-profile criminal defense cases, he is ready to help you with your criminal charges.

If you are facing serious penalties because of a criminal charge in Gennese County or the surrounding area, it’s time to get the help you deserve by contact Attorney Scott Bigger. When you need an experienced criminal defense attorney, Attorney Bigger is the answer.

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