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Criminal Defense

Scott Bigger knows that it is stressful to be charged with a crime, and he is in frequent contact with clients to provide information every step of the way. As a Flint Criminal Defense Attorney, Bigger has worked on many high-profile cases involving sex crimes, weapons charges and assault. He has a superior writing ability that was first recognized in law school and uses this writing ability to defend each criminal case vigorously.

Drug Offenses

A drug offense charge can be serious. If you have been charged with cocaine, heroin, or marijuana possession and you are worried about the possible consequences, Attorney Bigger can help. Even a first charge can result in big penalties. If you are a first time offender, it's important to try to fight your charges with an experienced Flint Drug Offense Attorney.

DUI Offenses

Driving under the influence can be a difficult charge to prove. If you were cooperative with the officer that stopped you and passed sobriety tests, it may be hard to make your charges stick. While a breathalyzer test indicates your BAC, this is not always the most accurate test. Even if you refused sobriety testing, you can still defend your DUI.

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